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Accompany yourself or jam with others on most popular songs–in any key–using only one finger at a time on the fretboard! ONE FINGER UKULELE takes you step-by-step through the tuning, strumming, and techniques that will allow you to play alone or with others. With our ukuleles, beginners can quickly learn to play over sixty chords with only one finger! More advanced players can add one-finger and 1+1 licks to create complex arrangements suitable for performance.

This style sounds best and is easiest to play on a baritone ukulele. We sell low priced, quality baritone ukuleles that come with the One Finger chords on the side of the neck so you can quickly find and play chords. Coming in late August: One Finger Tenors & String Sets! Visit our store to browse our ukuleles and accessories.

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One Finger Mini-Lessons & Licks

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