Vendor Marketplaces

Our Vendor Marketplace at the Reno Ukulele Festivals will be open from 9-5 on the Friday and Saturday of the event with Bonus Marketplace hours on Thursday from 1-5. If past trends hold, Thursday is when the truly motivated shoppers come! We’ve actually had vendors sell out the first afternoon!

Booth reservations for our 2017 festivals are available at the bottom of the ticket purchase pages using the button below.

We consider raffle instruments as in-kind trade for booth space from ukulele vendors. For more information on that or for any other questions, email

There are no percentages or extra charges above booth rental fees, but you must complete a sales tax report and pay taxes due upon completion of marketplace hours. A 6 foot table and two chairs is provided. You must bring any additional displays. Per fire codes, no cloth walls or tents are permitted. The marketplace is indoors. 

The map below shows our vendors from the last Reno festival in April.