2017-18 Season begins May 10-13
Attend our Test Drive Workshops at the Palm Springs and Reno Ukulele Festivals.

“A Life Changing Event”
~Kathy, Georgetown, CA

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The LUE Northern Nevada Ensemble opening for James Hill
at the Palm Strings Ukulele Festival

Move Beyond Hum & Strum at the Luongo Ukulele Experience!

There’s nothing like the LUE anywhere else in the ukulele world, and there is no better word for it than experience. Peter Luongo directs an inspirational, high energy, two-day program for adults that extracts musical skills and achievement beyond what the participants ever thought they could accomplish. Just read the testimonials below!

If you want to take your musical life “beyond hum & strum,” this is the program. And if you want to continue this musical high, you can, as a member of our performing ensembles!

The goal of the LUE is to provide an ongoing, life affirming musical experience for ukulele playing, music loving adults. Our next orientation takes place May 11 in northern Nevada. Watch for full details to be posted in late March. Expansion to other locations, including in the Southwest and/or Pacific Northwest are now being considered for 2018.

*Credentialed teachers using ukulele in the classroom, email about partial scholarships!

• • • Who is the Luongo Ukulele Experience for? • • •

From Peter Luongo: Ukulele Clubs provide a social opportunity for players of all ability levels to get together to sing and strum along freely. Individual players have sought out opportunities beyond the club, by attending workshops, festivals, and taking private lessons.

The LUE: Making Real Music with the Ukulele!

The intent of the Luongo Ukulele Experience is to provide the next step: the opportunity to combine the passion for playing ukulele with acquired musical skills as a member of a quality, performing ukulele ensemble. The curriculum for this program is based upon that which was used in my time as director of the Langley Ukulele Ensemble. This is the same general path of instruction that launched LUE alumni James Hill’s love of the uke.

Prerequisites: This program is open to intermediate level ukulele players with previous additional instrumental and/or vocal training, or advanced level ukulele players. Previous musical experience is always an asset.


To be clear, this is not a course for beginners. You must have a good grasp of intermediate ukulele skills as detailed in the following paragraphs. The Luongo Ukulele Experience takes place over two-days of briskly paced workshops that require your attention and sincere effort. It culminates with a group recital or concert performance (depending upon venue accommodations) of the material covered during the workshops.

New members attend an intensive 2-day workshop, learning the initial arrangements of the LUE repertoire. Once an individual has qualified at the initial level of techniques required in the arrangements, they can move to a second tier group which studies more advanced arrangements of the same songs. Both groups perform as previously mentioned as well as at festivals and other locations.

Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements and possess these pre-requisite skills:

Ukulele Skills
Participants should:
– Be able to play tight and rhythmic strumming patterns while maintaining tempo and singing vocal parts in tune.
– Know the I, IV, V7, & vi minor chords in the keys of C, F, & G.
– Be able to play basic bar chords (Bb, Bmin, D7, etc.)
– Be familiar with chord patterns and knowledge of chord positions along the fret board.
– Be able to play or quickly learn to play melody lines with a flat pick.

– Participants should be able to perform the C, F, and G major scales proficiently in first position and cross-string up the neck.

Notation/Note Reading
Participants should:
– Know the names of the notes of the lines and spaces on the treble staff.
– Be able to learn to sight-read basic melody passages in notation, including the identification of whole, quarter, half, dotted half, dotted quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes.

Ear Training
Participants should:
– Be able to play simple melody passages containing notes that step, skip, and/or jump.
– Be able to hear chord changes.
– Be able to echo-sing passages with accuracy, (pitch and rhythm).

Music Theory
Participants should have an understanding of musical terms and concepts, including chromatic structure, key signatures, the formation of scales and chords.

Commitment to a polished performance
Participants should demonstrate a commitment to “getting it right,” to intense practice and rehearsal sessions, and independent practice between sessions.

Low G Ukulele with Strap
The playing of melody lines, including notes below traditional re-entrant tuning, is emphasized in the LUE. Therefore, you must use a tenor or concert sized ukulele strung with a low G (4th) string.

Finally, unless physically unable, you should expect to perform while standing, therefore a strap may be helpful.

The Luongo Ukulele Experience is a multi-disciplined music performance program that uses the ukulele as it’s main teaching tool. Each session is comprised of two days of intensive, interactive instruction followed by a live performance. Breakfast and lunch for all attendees is included.

With his 35 years of experience working with children, teens, and adults, and as director of the highly acclaimed Langley Ukulele Ensemble, Peter Luongo has a noted reputation for challenging and extracting the best from his students. His thorough approach includes instruction in the skills of choral singing, reading and playing melody lines, and incorporating harmony. Those completing the course have the opportunity to perform as a member of an ongoing ukulele ensemble in their region.

If you’d like information on the next Luongo Ukulele Experience, please join the email list on our home page or read our story in Ukulele Magazine!

What attendees had to say:

A life changing event!
Thanks to all involved for putting on a life changing event! I honestly woke up yesterday with more clarity on what an exceptional experience it was for me. The only possible negative is that it will now be difficult to be part of a strum-along where mediocrity is the accepted norm. Peter’s favorite words to my ears were, “fix it!”
Kathy, Georgetown, CA

The portal to being more complete as a person.
What I realized after this weekend’s intense experience, was that the big stretch and reach for musicianship, for me at least, is the portal to being more complete as a person. Your teaching helped me stretch further than I’d let myself think I could—in not just playing or singing but in achieving a higher level, working past my fears and insecurities and coming out the other side beaming. I like to beam!
Tonya, Paradise, CA

A joy and an inspiration…
Wow! Phew! What a workshop! What a challenge! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you are doing to make a weekends like this happen. It was a joy and an inspiration to improve and to continue growing in musical skills.
Eileen, Carson City, NV

Exceeded my wildest dreams!
The Luongo Experience exceeded my wildest dreams! It was challenging, demanding, exhilarating and I want more! Thanks very much to you and Peter for cooking up the workshop idea in the first place and for wanting to continue it going forward.
Sarah, Berkeley, CA

Challenged like never before…
Thanks for putting together the Luongo event! I was challenged like never before and enjoyed the learning experience.
Tom, El Dorado Hills, CA

Peter was amazing and it took my playing to a new level. It was everything you said it would be and so much more.
Tricia, Sparks, NV

The biggest highlight so far in my uke journey…
Thank you so much for providing such an amazing opportunity and for all the work put into this. I’m still fairly new in learning ukulele (1 year) and the workshop is the biggest highlight so far in my uke journey 🙂 I came out of the weekend feeling inspired and happy to learn how to up my skill.
Mariana, Mountain View, CA
Thanks again for a fabulous workshop with Peter. He gave me the lessons I’ve wanted to learn and I’m excited about doing more.
Gini, Sonora, CA

Simply tremendous…
Let me add my thanks for the fantastic two days with Peter Luongo. It was simply tremendous, and I look forward to working with him again. Your organization of materials, not to mention the fabulous meals we had, was superb. It was beyond my expectations in every way!
Barbara, Palm Desert, CA

Very fun session and very challenging. Enjoyed talking, playing, socializing, eating…..very nice!
Karen, Reno, NV

Just wanted to thank you for organizing the LUE. This past weekend was amazing, fun and inspirational.
Sue, Reno, NV

An increased and renewed love of and joy in…the ukulele.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing weekend at the Luongo Ukulele Experience! Was it intensive? You bet! Was it frustrating at times? Yes it sure was! Was it inspiring? Most certainly! Was it filled with kindness, hope and new friends? Delightfully so! Did it stretch my 79 year old brain? To the bursting point at times. You might say it “blew my mind” in many ways!

Peter, your enthusiasm, your insistence on the pursuit of excellence, your drive, your expertise and innovation in teaching, your amazing ear for music and above all your JOY are amazing.

Doug, your care, creativity and capability in arranging and pulling off these events is greatly appreciated by so many. A lot of happiness and inspiration comes into the world through those of us who attend and enjoy the ukulele thanks to both of your efforts.

What is the most important thing that I take away from this weekend? Besides happiness and joy that is. A renewed love for and commitment to this delightful instrument! I’m not exactly sure just what direction my learning and playing will take now, but I know it will be an increased and renewed love of and joy in this instrument, the ukulele.

Thanks to you and all your helpers for an amazing and inspiring time!

Uke on!
Sharon, Yerinton, NV

Thank you for a first class experience!
Bob, Sun City, AZ

I feel renewed and inspired.
Julie, Reno, NV