get into ukulele

More and more people are getting into ukulele every year! One of the reasons is the low cost of getting a very playable first uke on which to learn. You can definitely get an instrument that sounds good, stays in tune, and keeps the proper notes all over the neck for $50 and up!

Still, $50 is $50, so this year AT THE RENO UKULELE FESTIVAL, we want to help kids who might otherwise not be able to afford that much. For our SATURDAY, APRIL 16, “MAGIC UKE HOUR,” we are offering nice playing, durable ukes that we and other vendors in our marketplace will be selling for $50, for only $15 (+ tax) to the first 15 “kids” who sign up!

Now, when we say kids, we do mean kids of all ages, but our intent is to make these ukuleles accessible to children or lower income individuals of all ages who have a serious desire to learn the instrument.

We’re working on the honor system here. If you’d like to purchase one of these ukuleles for your child, that’s great! However, if you are an adult, purchasing for yourself, who can afford to pay full price, we ask that you skip this offer and instead browse our many ukulele vendors at the festival.

To purchase a ticket to reserve your $15 ukulele, CLICK HERE.

– Limit two ukuleles per family.
– Children must be in company of an adult to pick up ukulele and take lesson.
– Must show up at registration desk no later than 11:45AM on Saturday, April 16 or your ukulele will be released to our waiting list and your order will be refunded.

Registration desk is on 2nd floor of Nugget Resort, 1100 Nugget Ave. Sparks, Nevada 89423.

Plan to be at Public Stage (across from Registration), ready for your lesson, no later than NOON.